Henri Vlahović


Henri Vlahović

Mentor Profile

Managing Director | Meiji Internships, Meiji Academy, Japan Stay

Current Industry
Educational Consultancy, Property Development, Business Consulting


  • Marketing strategy

  • Business planning

  • Staff recruitment

  • Public speaking

  • Effective networking

  • Intercultural communication skills

  • Short Description
    Hi Everybody, My name is Henri Vlahović and I am the president of Meiji Internships, Asia's leading internship agency for university-accredited work placements. My corporate background is as diverse as the internship placements we offer. Driven by the passion to change Japan's recruitment industry, I see a huge potential in actively encouraging Japanese females to take action in Japan's future by making a social impact as entrepreneurs on a global scale. Meiji Internships has placed more than 120 interns across Japan last year alone, making it the largest and most successful internship program nationwide. Sharing my expertise to promote growth to the next generation of leaders and creating an international community within Japanese core values of equality, cultural and social diversity is one of my dreams. Let's help each other by making a change today!

  • Language
    English and German

  • Mentoring Availability 
    1-2 times per week


Meiji Internships is a social enterprise and an internationally accredited educational consultant, which engages in a vast variety of social, cultural and development projects through meaningful internship placements.